About Dr. Menig

Jon J. Menig, DDSDr. Jon J. Menig was awarded as the number one dental student in the field of orthodontics at UCSF, where he graduated and received his DDS in 1984. After completing his dental training, Dr. Menig attended the USC Advanced Orthodontic residency and graduated number one in his residency program. Dr. Menig has served in many capacities within organized dentistry and belongs to several dental organizations. He has consulted on the development of digital low dose x-rays, and helped pioneer this now established technology.

Dr. Menig truly loves orthodontics and has a passion for the entire process of producing a beautiful smile. Dr. Menig trained at USC under the orthodontic legend Harry Dougherty, who often used to impart words of honorable wisdom to his orthodontic residents. Two of these bits of advice have helped guide Dr. Menig in his years of practice:

“Orthodontics is done with the head, the hands, AND the heart” and “Treat your patients as if they were your own children”

Of all the technical and biological education imparted upon him by Dr. Dougherty, it is these simple words that have provided the foundation on which Dr. Menig has built his practice. With almost 30 years of orthodontic experience and supported by an all-star team who share his values and vision, Dr. Menig treats every patient as a unique individual and tailors their treatment to their best advantage. Dr. Jon Menig and his team are committed to the highest quality orthodontic care in a warm, patient-focused environment.

In his spare time, Dr. Menig enjoys road biking, basketball, sailing, surfing and playing (not all that well) his guitar. What he enjoys most is spending time with his three grown children and two grandchildren, all of whom he is extremely proud.